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FMSSAS eNews 12.09.08

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Another bit of sunshine and the promise of another mini heatwave!  Our summer has been scattered over many months with no consistency, but then variety is the spice of life.  The paralympians are doing brilliantly with 114 medals as I write.  They are amazing.  With two days to go, the final placement is yet undecided but GB should be high in the list
86.  One of the worst things in life is to get what you want and then realize it isn’t what you wanted at all.
Reminder about “Living Despite Fibromyalgia”
Please book soon to avoid disappointment.
New webpage about 2013 FIBCON
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FM Awareness Week – 3rd-9th September
I should have reminded you of this last week.  I hope you all managed to do something to make someone, somewhere, aware of fibromyalgia.  If not, pass eNews on to all your friends and tell them they can receive it every week if they give me their email address.  No ulterior motives.  I just want to get information out as far as possible.
Explaining Fibromyalgia to Others
Do you understand what causes your fibromyalgia pain and can you easily explain it to others? According to a study by Robert Ferrari, M.D., along with a team of primary care physicians, these two questions are the source of frustration among most people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Keeping Your Body Aches Under Control - How Pain Spreads
When you tense your upper body muscles to scrub the outdoor grill or work at the computer, you might expect your neck and shoulders to ache afterwards. But why would your leg muscles hurt if they didn’t even get a workout? Research explains how pain in one area of your body can magnify the discomfort you feel elsewhere. However, there are self-help measures you can take to minimize this pain.
Fibromyalgia Tender Points
Tender points are pain points or localized areas of tenderness around joints, but not the joints themselves. These tender points hurt when pressed with a finger.
Tender points are often not deep areas of pain. Instead, they are superficial areas seemingly under the surface of the skin, such as the area over the elbow or shoulder.
Survey on impact of cuts on disabled people
I'm an MA student at Leeds and am currently doing my dissertation on how the
cuts are impacting on disabled people and how disabled people's organisations
should be responding. If any disabled person who lives in the UK is willing to
spend the time filling in my short survey I'd be incredibly grateful
I'm doing this in partnership with a local disabled people's organisation and
am hoping the research will be of use to them and to other DPO's. If anyone
would like a copy of a summary of the final research I'd be very happy to send
it to them.
Rosa Morris
Chichester Hypnotherapist – NHS Registered Hypnotherapy -  Chichester and Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Are you sick, stressed, in pain or run down?  Would you dearly love to stop smoking, lose weight feel more confident, pass your exams, relax or get a good nights sleep?  It’s all possible with the right help.  You can get that help from Chichester Hypnotherapist Christine Wesson.
What can Self-Hypnosis and Visualization do for you? What do you want to achieve? Get excited, start making notes now, formulating goals so that by the time you arrive your mind is already primed. Book your place immediately to save disappointment as spaces are limited.
There are three workshops booked:  Each one is at The Core, 13 The Square, Barnham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 OHB, Your Investment: £47.  Time: 10am – 4.30pm
Date: Saturday 22nd September 2012 – Learn Self Hypnosis
To book on-line:
Date: Saturday 27th October 2012 – Hypnosis for Weight Loss
To book:
Date: Saturday 17th November 2012 – The Art of Self Hypnosis
For more information ring Christine on 01243 699646
Sunday 16 September, Wonderful Wellbeing Day at The Arc, 39 Weston Drive, Caterham,  CR3 5XY, 9am - 3pm
Including a mixture of classes and lessons such as yoga, meditation, core stability and deep stretching. Also dance, aerobics and lovely local walks for some fresh air.
The whole day costs £10 (9am for healthy brekkie - 3pm) or you can come for half a day for £5 (9am - 12pm or 12pm - 3pm) 01883 330380,
Sunday 23 September, Holistic & Mystic Fayre at The Arc, 39 Weston Road, Caterham, CR3 5XY, 10am - 5pm
Now established as the leading Mind, Body and Soul fair in Surrey and back by popular request! A wonderful day of healing with approximately 50 stands to visit including top class Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot and Angel Card readers and other spiritual consultants offering life guidance plus product stands, taster sessions and free talks and workshops ALL DAY.
£3.50 (online booking discount). Children under 16 free., 01883 717069
Ditch healthy berries to beat muscle pain: The eating plan that helped me cure my aches and pains
Dr Clare Morrison’s follow-up article
If you missed her previous article, it’s here
The Fibromyalgia Crusade
Created for Fibromyalgia patients to communicate the severity of fluctuating symptoms that wax and wane.
Purple Pain Code©
Lilac – Light,  Mulberry – Medium,  Amethyst – Awful,  LMA - Leave Me Alone!
Explore other pages on this site for more info.
Chronicles of Fiibromyalgia – FM Crusade Blog
Trying to manage Fibromyalgia without a doctor who is compassionate, on your side and willing to work with you is impossible, simply impossible. I have seen more than my fair share of medical professionals who knew far less about Fibromyalgia than I did. I would ask them, challenge their knowledge, and find they had no clue. I would set out to each new appointment with a glimmer of hope, a bit of optimism that maybe this was the doctor who was going to help me, only to leave in tears sobbing my way home crestfallen and despondent. See they didn't know jack squat about how to treat me so they blamed, discredited and doubted me. But this isn't an illness that's just going to "go away" because modern medicine can't figure it out. Oh no, in fact the number of patients are on therise.
Patient Rights & Second Medical Opinions
Even if you are in excruciating pain, you cannot force your doctor to prescribe a pain medication for you or refer you to a pain specialist. Timothy McCall, M.D., an internist and patient advocate, suggests relaying the seriousness of your pain to your doctor by creating an image. “Give specific examples from your life about how your pain affects you,” says McCall. If you claim, “I am in such terrible pain, it hurts so bad that you can’t imagine how awful I feel,” McCall says this is ‘telling’ and it is useless for conveying how seriously your symptoms are impacting your function. If you are concerned about the pain in your hands, you could say, “I have so much pain that I cannot button my blouse (or shirt).” This provides your doctor with a clear picture (e.g., showing) rather than merely stating you have hand pain (e.g., telling).
Living Well with Fibromyalgia
a quarterly publication that will (hopefully) be relevant to you.
You have two ways to view our e-mag:
Go to (my favourite) exciting flip book e-mag;  OR
I really hope you enjoy the new format. It is my intention to have a theme for each issue.
This issue is hitting
PAIN hard - so enjoy may not be the right word BUT I have really enjoyed putting it all together.
The next issue (
HOLIDAYS) should be all about fun - I have already prepared a sealed section for Valentine's Day (oooh - naughty!)
Tonbridge News for September
12 Tips for Coping With Fibromyalgia
FDA Approves Linzess to Treat Certain Cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Constipation
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Linzess (linaclotide) to treat chronic idiopathic constipation and to treat irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) in adults.
Don’t forget to book your places for the Seminar on 27th October and the Conference from 26th – 29th April 2013 (see notices at the beginning of this eNews.
Have a great weekend but don’t overdo the sunbathing! 
Best regards to all
N.B. I would like to point out to you all that the information in my eNewsletters does not necessarily infer endorsement by the charity Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey & Sussex.   Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal nature must always be discussed with a qualified professional. The charity cannot be held responsible for omissions and/or errors.
Sites I refer you to are for information only.  They might conflict in their opinions, they might not even be medically sound, but I merely offer them for you to peruse and make your own judgements, accept or reject as you will.  Only by reading widely can we get an overall picture of fibromyalgia syndrome and how we can deal with its symptoms, learn to cope with them and still have a life.
I also include various awareness and local issues as well as general health considerations.    Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the above items in printed form should seek permission from the originators.
Wordz for the Week are from ‘Wordz for the Day’ by Donnie Kuhn, Sr.
Past issues of FMSSAS eNews can be found at and on a blog at

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