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FMSSAS eNews 12.07.14

Hello everyone
I apologise about the confusion over the Dr Holman Lecture at Chichester.  I hope my message of 10th July clarified things for you.  There is now a special offer for Groups.  See below.  I do hope that ALL of the lectures will be well supported.  It is a rare opportunity not to be missed.  Go to the one near you.
78.  This is your life;  are you who you want to be
Dr. Andrew Holman Lectures
Dr. Holman is delivering varying lectures about fibromyalgia at the following venues:-
Saturday 21st July - 2 p.m, Weston Education Centre, King’s College London, Denmark Hill Campus  SE5 9RJ.  Tickets £3, book here
Sunday 22nd July – 2pm, Chichester Park Hotel.  Tickets £17.50, phone 0844 887 2508 or email  to book. Special Group Offer, 5 tickets for £50 – contact your Support Group Leader.
Monday 23rd July -, The Post Graduate Centre, Poole Hospital, Longfleet Road, BH15 2JB  Contact to register your place.
Are you having a holiday in Cornwall. Devon, Dorset, Somerset or Gloucester and if you, family or friend have mobility problems this news might just help if you are on holiday and want to go for "walks" but cannot risk it.  The Countryside Mobility scheme provides easy access to the South West's countryside for anyone who has difficulty walking, through a mobility scooter hire scheme.
Tramper all-terrain mobility scooters and wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats provide access for all to a wide range of wheelchair accessible outdoor visitor attractions across the region.
Benefits and Work Newsletter  - 19th July
In this edition we investigate whether the recording of medicals has been killed off, as claimants are told they no longer have the right to one.  We also reveal how Atos hired an expensive public relations company to try to get onto the Benefits and Work forum.  Plus we have an update on the employment and support allowance (ESA) appeals video that the government still can’t kill. Oh . . . and we explain why some Benefits and Work members are getting their kit off.
Treating Fibromyalgia Pain
9 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue - slideshow
Patient article on FM
Fibromyalgia causes pains and tenderness in many areas of the body, and tiredness. You may also have other symptoms. There is no simple cure. However, there are various treatments that ease symptoms in many cases. Non medication treatments which may help include exercise, heated pool treatment, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Medication that may help include a painkiller called tramadol, antidepressants (for their pain-relieving action) and some other medicines listed below.
Fundraising just got a whole lot easier
Never miss a donation with Find & Remind!  Please help FMSSAS when you shop online.
You can use Find & Remind to search for easyfundraising retailers and it will automatically provide a handy drop-down reminder every time you visit one of our partner sites to make sure that you never forget to claim a donation.  Explanatory video available.
Is Fibromyalgia All In My Head?
he question "is fibromyalgia all in my head?" makes me want to cry. Every time it's asked, it means someone who's suffering from possibly dozens of severe symptoms is doubting his or her own illness - and usually because someone else doubted them first.
First of all, the answer is a resounding NO! You can see the research behind that answer here: FAQ - Is Fibromyalgia All In My Head?
FDA Approves Generic Fibromyalgia Drug
The U.S. FDA has given Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. final approval to produce pregabalin, a generic form of the drug Lyrica, the anti-seizure medication that's approved for treating pain from fibromyalgia and neuropathy.
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc. is about to lose its patent protection on Lyrica, clearing the way for other companies to market the generic form. Generic drugs are generally less expensive - sometimes dramatically so - than their name-brand counterparts.
Sound Off About Symptoms: Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
We all know it - the people around us get tired of hearing about our symptoms. Some of us keep talking while others clam up, but no matter which approach you take, you probably realize that only other people with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome really get what you're saying, anyway.
Sometimes, though, you've just got to vent. I'm in a complainy mood tonight, so to spare my Facebook friends, I'm going to post here about the things that are bugging me right now. I invite you to do the same, by leaving a comment below!
Did you know this about your ESA50 form?
We're all spoonies here. Or disabled. Or carers. Or families and friends of someone who is. Or just nice people who want to help put an injustice right.
With that in mind, we all know how it feels to fill in a DLA (Disability Living Allowance) claim form or an ESA50 form. (For Employment and Support Allowance )
On the whole, I think we see them as necessary evils. Yes, they could be shorter, but mostly, the people I speak to would rather lay their life bare on an impersonal form than face to face to a complete stranger.
Read more . . . . be prepared to be shocked!
We’re having the excitement of the Olympic Torch running throughout the south, this week and next.  27th July, the start date of the Games is only two weeks away.  The excitement mounts!  I guess that fibromites are a tad envious of the stamina and prowess of the athletes.  If only we could . . . .  But then, would we really want to compete?  Let’s concentrate on BEING and making the most of who we are.
Kindest regards to you all
N.B. I would like to point out to you all that the information in my eNewsletters does not necessarily infer endorsement by the charity Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey & Sussex.   Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal nature must always be discussed with a qualified professional. The charity cannot be held responsible for omissions and/or errors.
Sites I refer you to are for information only.  They might conflict in their opinions, they might not even be medically sound, but I merely offer them for you to peruse and make your own judgements, accept or reject as you will.  Only by reading widely can we get an overall picture of fibromyalgia syndrome and how we can deal with its symptoms, learn to cope with them and still have a life.
I also include various awareness and local issues as well as general health considerations.    Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the above items in printed form should seek permission from the originators.
Wordz for the Week are from ‘Wordz for the Day’ by Donnie Kuhn, Sr.
Past issues of FMSSAS eNews can be found at and on a blog at
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