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FMSSAS eNews 12.07.06

Hi everyone
I hope you haven’t got washed away by all the rain we have been having.  Which is better, drought or floods?  No need to answer that question!  We don’t have a choice anyway.  You may think you don’t have a choice over suffering with fibromyalgia.  But you have.  There are lots of things you can do to make life easier.
77.  Be like the birds . . . .  Sing after every storm.
Worthing Fibro News - June 2012 
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The Torture of Sleep Deprivation in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
As I sit here awake at far-too-early o'clock, after getting to sleep at far-too-late o'clock, I can't help but fixate on sleep. I suppose it's more accurate to say "sleep deprivation" than "sleep," however.
When you have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep deprivation is a part of life. Paradoxically, we're sleep deprived no matter how much time we actually spend asleep.
Safety warning over Britain’s most common antidepressant
A study for medical regulators found that the drugs increase the risk of heart problems which can cause sudden death.
Doctors have been told to lower the maximum dose of the UK’s most widely prescribed antidepressant, Citalopram, for all patients.
However, regulators have admitted that it is not clear whether the lower dose is safe — as this was not tested.
Fibro is Real: Tell insurance companies to recognize fibromyalgia as a disease
Please sign this , it is a petition to get insurance companies to recognise our illness
Regional Pain Syndromes
Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a term used for the kind of muscle pain found in multiple body sites in FM/CFS patients . . . .
Explaining Invisible Illness To Friends Can Be Challenging
The video shows how living with an illness can be hard to explain to friends who don't understand how you pace yourself. Have you ever had a conversation like this one? What would you do differently? How do you explain yourself without sounding like a drag?
More Andrew Holman Lectures, - Chichester on 22nd July @ 2pm
More details to follow.  Look out in next week’s eNews
at Poole Hospital on 23rd July @ 2pm.
These might be useful to those who either can’t make the lecture on the 21st or live a little closer to the south.  Or you might want to go to them all!!
Independent Living Newsletter – 4th July
It's Independence Day, if you are a citizen of the United States – for the rest of us, I think independence is a quality that we all value and want to preserve in our lives, as much as possible. Independent Living is all about the products and services that can make daily life and mobility more independent for people with disabilities.
Holland & Barrett offer
Save up to half price on summer essentials.
Give as you Live
Here are the latest great offers to help raise more money for Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey and Sussex (FMSSAS).  Make sure you download the app and start earning for FMSSAS.  Thanks!
I am sending this out tonight (Friday) as I will be at Chichester all day tomorrow at a Trustees’ meeting.
Fondest wishes to you all
N.B. I would like to point out to you all that the information in my eNewsletters does not necessarily infer endorsement by the charity Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey & Sussex.   Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal nature must always be discussed with a qualified professional. The charity cannot be held responsible for omissions and/or errors.
Sites I refer you to are for information only.  They might conflict in their opinions, they might not even be medically sound, but I merely offer them for you to peruse and make your own judgements, accept or reject as you will.  Only by reading widely can we get an overall picture of fibromyalgia syndrome and how we can deal with its symptoms, learn to cope with them and still have a life.
I also include various awareness and local issues as well as general health considerations.    Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the above items in printed form should seek permission from the originators.
Wordz for the Week are from ‘Wordz for the Day’ by Donnie Kuhn, Sr.
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