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FMSSAS eNews 12.03.17

Hi everyone
I would like to wish all Mothers a happy Mothering Sunday.  Wherever you spend it I hope you have a happy time, in fact an enjoyable weekend.
62.  Everything I’m not, made me everything that I am.
Last Chance to book for the FMS Easter Weekend Conference
‘This is your last chance to book for the memorable 3rd annual Fibromyalgia Conference & Pamper Weekend, unless you arrive on our doorstep and we find you somewhere to hang out...’
Message from Jeanne the organiser
Managing Fibromyalgia #21 
“As you may know by now, my "Thing" is natural help for symptoms of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions. I believe that the more natural treatments and help that you apply and use, the fewer and less amount of Rx one will need. In other words, when you have a good natural foundation - proper nutrition, natural help for specific issues, stretching and movement to get the blood and oxygen flowing, pacing, stress-relieving routines and so on, you'll find that any Rx, or supplements, you may take will not only work better, but you may even need less of them. After all, these are the foundation for everything else you do to help your symptoms.”
How Back Pain Affects Fibromyalgia
‘Although people might have trouble understanding your all-over fibromyalgia symptoms, they may be able to relate to chronic low back pain. Most everyone at some time or another has experienced back pain, even if not on a chronic basis.’
"The 7 Reasons Why Chronic Pain Suffering Makes You Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body"
And How it's Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!
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“I just read a chat room thread yesterday that surprised me. I know it shouldn’t, but it did.
The person writing the question said that she’d tripped over a rug in her son’s room and fell. Later she was achy and sore and then a few days later, went into a full-blown fibro flare. She wondered if the flare was related to the fall.”  Read more .  . . .
Pain Index Plus Symptoms, Not Tender Points, Equals Fibromyalgia, New Study Says
“A new way of diagnosing fibromyalgia, by using a pain index and a measure of key symptoms and severity, may lead to more diagnoses and treatment, a new study says. The findings appear in the May issue of Arthritis Care & Research.”  Not so new now but if you didn’t know this it’s worth reading.
Even small overdoses of paracetamol quickly add up to serious harm
“Repeatedly taking slightly too much paracetamol can lead to liver damage and possible death, say researchers. These overdoses, which are difficult to detect, may even be more dangerous than when someone takes a single very large dose.”  Be aware and take care not to exceed the recommended dose.
‘The Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is one of the diseases that were reputed to be all in your head.  Not any more, at least not in the “imaginary” sense. This was particularly, aggravating because it could be so painful. It is called a syndrome because it manifests itself in a similar way to patients, but could have multiple causes. Actually, even though the pain is primarily at the sensitive points of the figure below (uploaded from Wikipedia Commons), it does have something to do with your brain.’
Are Fruit Juices Good for You or Not?  The Opposing Views
Most experts agree that whole fruit is better for you than fruit juice.
Wait six months before treating fatigue, GPs told
By Rhiannon Smith | 08 Mar 2012
GPs should advise patients with chronic fatigue to wait and see if their tiredness resolves itself within six months, recommend UK researchers who looked at the time course of symptoms.
Aquatic Exercises May Ease Fibromyalgia

‘Regular exercise in a heated swimming pool can benefit people with the common, painful condition fibromyalgia, a new study suggests.’   The study may be 4 years old but still relevant.
What is the Cause of Fibromyalgia?
‘The more I try to learn about the cause of fibromyalgia, the more I just get confused. Some sources say it's caused by autoimmune diseases, some say it's hereditary, some say it's because of a virus or a neck injury or diet or chronic stress, and recently someone told me it's caused by depression. What really is the cause of fibromyalgia?’
Milnacipran Beneficial for Fibromyalgia in Patients With Inadequate Response to Duloxetine
Patients with fibromyalgia who have an inadequate response to duloxetine may gain additional benefit in global status and pain improvement when switched to milnacipran, according to research presented at the 2012 American Academy of Pain Medicine Annual Meeting.
Here ends today’s epistle.  I hope there have been some useful lessons for you. 
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N.B. I would like to point out to you all that the information in my eNewsletters does not necessarily infer endorsement by the charity Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey & Sussex.   Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal nature must always be discussed with a qualified professional. The charity cannot be held responsible for omissions and/or errors.
Sites I refer you to are for information only.  They might conflict in their opinions, they might not even be medically sound, but I merely offer them for you to peruse and make your own judgements, accept or reject as you will.  Only by reading widely can we get an overall picture of fibromyalgia syndrome and how we can deal with its symptoms, learn to cope with them and still have a life.
I also include various awareness and local issues as well as general health considerations.    Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the above items in printed form should seek permission from the originators.
Wordz for the Week are from ‘Wordz for the Day’ by Donnie Kuhn, Sr.
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